Why Use Microscopes?

The use of microscopes for hair transplant surgery has been a standard practice for many years. The best quality and the most successful results are achieved by using microscopes to examine, inspect, and prepare grafts. However, microscopes have been abandoned by many new clinics in recent years to make it easier to enter the hair restoration industry. FUE-only clinics cannot properly distinguish single-haired follicular units grafts from multihaired follicular units grafts. They are also unable inspect grafts to make sure that the FUE removal process is safe and that the grafts have a chance of survival. One thing is certain: poorer results. This is especially true when multi-hair FUE grafts are incorrectly identified as single-hair and placed in the hairline, where they look bulky and artificial.

FUT surgery requires a microscope. The division of the strip into individual follicular units has to be performed under microscopic view. This means that all grafts from a strip will be prepared by skilled technicians and are of the highest quality. FUT with microscopic slicing does not cause any trauma to the grafts. It allows for precise size trimming and removes all excess tissue. This allows the whole “pilosebaceous” (the entire follicular unit, its associated glands, attachments) to remain intact, which ensures better growth. FUE can be done technically without the use of microscopes. The follicular units can be removed from the donor region individually and not as a single piece. FUT does not require them to be broken down. FUE can be used to remove grafts. Grafts can then be examined under magnification or naked eye and inserted back into the recipient area. FUE is not performed in this way by qualified clinics that are skilled in both procedures. Instead, FUE grafts are examined under a microscope before being placed in the recipient. FUE grafts can be properly classified, evaluated, and prepared by clinics that are skilled in microscopic inspection. This increases both the quality and likelihood of good growth.

FUE patients should inquire if microscopes will be used and how much experience the clinic has in microscopic review. The clinic should have a lot of experience in FUT graft preparation, and be able to translate that into FUE graft review.